Model: F1325
Size: 1300×2500 (mm)
(51×98 Inches) Approx

Redsail flatbed laser cutting machine works with high power Co2 laser tube, with function of cutting and engraving. Laser tube moves following the design of files, without power wasting, keeping machine work with same power on each position of working table. It gives better engraving and cutting result.

Large format could be used in many industry lines like acrylic cutting, fabric cutting, etc; it can also work well in aircraft engraving & designing, toy making, and many other non-metal materials.

Redsail Flatbed Laser Cutter Specifications

Laser tubeWater cooling Co2 sealed glass
Control system32 Bit DSP
Drive typeMicrostepping stepper motor system
Laser Power80W/100W/150W/180W
Work Area (mm)1300 x 2500 
Max speed1000 mm/s
Image formPlt, Dxf, Bmp, Ai, Dst
Resolution2500 DPI
Double HeadOptional
PC InterfaceUSB3.0 and USB Disk
Red Dot PointerYes
AccessoriesAir assistant, Exhaust system, Water cooling sytem
Power110V or 220-240V/ 50~60Hz
Warranty12 Months
Machine Size WxDxH (mm)3500x1940x1100 
G. W. (Kg)700 

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